NSW Electricity Strategy

The NSW Electricity Strategy is the NSW Government’s plan for a reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity future that supports a growing economy. 

We recognise the NSW electricity system must change. Traditional generators are aging and our transmission system is congested. Electricity prices are putting pressure on households and businesses.

This strategy will respond to these challenges and support a new affordable and reliable energy system – one that meets both our generation needs and our emissions reduction target.

It will do this by:

  • delivering Australia’s first coordinated Renewable Energy Zone
  • saving energy, especially at times of peak demand 
  • supporting the development of new electricity generators
  • setting a target to bolster the state’s energy resilience
  • making it easier to do energy business in NSW.

The strategy encourages an estimated $8 billion of new private investment in NSW’s electricity system over the next decade, including $5.6 billion in regional NSW. It will also support an estimated 1,200 jobs, mostly in regional NSW.

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