Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The NSW Government's Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap is a coordinated framework to deliver a modern electricity system for NSW.

Within 15 years, three quarters of our State’s electricity supply is expected to reach the end of its technical life. Replacing these energy sources and building the infrastructure needed to connect them to our homes and businesses will take years. Action is needed now to ensure NSW consumers have continued access to cheap, clean and reliable electricity.

The global energy transition also represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our regions and State’s industry. Acting now could set NSW up to be a global energy superpower.

The Roadmap continues the NSW Government’s commitment to developing Renewable Energy Zones, through the establishment of a Transmission Development Scheme. The Scheme and the three Renewable Energy Zones will also be supported by an Electricity Infrastructure Investment Safeguard, providing support for private investment in new generation, long duration storage and firming projects, including pumped hydro energy storage.  

This coordinated approach to transmission, generation and storage will:

  • Deliver approximately 12 gigawatts of new transmission capacity through the Central-West Orana, New England and South West Renewable Energy Zones by 2030, and even more over time;
  • Support an estimated 3 gigawatts of new firm capacity in the NSW grid by 2030;
  • Attract up to $32 billion in private investment in regional energy infrastructure investment by 2030;
  • Support over 6,300 construction and 2,800 ongoing jobs in 2030, mostly in regional NSW;
  • Save around $130 a year on the average NSW household electricity bill and $430 a year on the average small business electricity bill between 2023 and 2040; and
  • Contribute to the NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan by delivering 90 million tonnes of reduced carbon emissions by 2030.

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Note that all estimates of private investment, transmission capacity, jobs, bill savings, pricing and related outcomes are based on indicative development pathway forecasts developed by Aurora Energy Research for the Department. The Consumer Trustee, once appointed, will publish a detailed plan on the development pathway and the long term interests of consumers.