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Committed to commercial businesses

By encouraging funding and investment. Supporting the development of programs, strategies and resources. The NSW Government is committed to helping commercial businesses transition to a modern, affordable energy future. Find out how your business can benefit from renewable energy.

This toolkit provides templates to assess the financial viability of a community energy project; a how-to guide to help get renewable energy projects of the ground; tips to operate a renewable energy project.

Help encourage growth and investment in renewable energy with GreenPower.

GreenPower gives you the option to purchase government accredited renewable energy from electricity suppliers.

NSW has become a regional hub for renewable energy, read about some of the companies the NSW Department of Industry has helped establish themselves.

Financial incentives are available to install energy efficient equipment and appliances in businesses.

Clean Energy Strategies for Business Program

20 New South Wales businesses have been supported in developing a strategy and identifying opportunities to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy or emissions reduction.

Read more about clean energy strategies for business program  

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The increasing deployment of rooftop solar, battery storage and smart appliances provides challenges and opportunities for future electricity network management.

Our Guide outlines key steps to help businesses develop a clean energy strategy including diagnosing your current energy situation and actions you can take to reach targets. 

NSW is moving towards a clean energy future. Innovative business models and technologies have a role in this transition, helping NSW achieve the objective of net-zero emissions by 2050.